Avoid points, fines and accidents

Feel safe with a Saphe traffic alarm

Drive safer

Forget about points or being delayed by accidents. Drive without worry and enjoy your journey. You'll always be prepared for the road ahead with Saphe.

Drive focused

Sitting in traffic is boring. Your attention can soon wander. Saphe ensures you stay alert to what's up ahead, helping you drive safely and more responsibly.

Drive better

There's no need to hunt for an app, or fumble around with your phone. Saphe starts automatically when your car is in motion.

Safety wherever you are

From driving on UK roads to trips across Europe, live updates from other users and third parties will work anywhere the road takes you.

With Saphe, you become a member of a European-wide traffic community, where we share data daily to help each other stay safe on the roads.

Every contribution counts toward keeping each other safe.

Upgrade your safety with Saphe Drive Pro

For you, who wants the perfect travel companion in traffic, helping you avoid accidents and speeding tickets. Now smarter than ever before. Let Saphe Drive Pro guide you safely and securely from A to B.

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Did you know?

Every day, there are over 70,000 reports from the community. These contributions are incredibly valuable. The more people join and contribute to the community, the better the traffic coverage and the more accurate the warnings.

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