Together we create safety in traffic

Saphe is a Danish technology company that develops intelligent traffic systems that make a difference and reduce the number of traffic-related accidents.

Saphe was founded in 2015 and today has over 40 employees. Since its inception, 1,800,000 traffic alarms have been sold.

In fact, a Saphe traffic alarm is installed in 1 out of 4 cars in Denmark. The many sold units mean that we can offer an enormous network of users and thus the best platform for sharing traffic data.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is simple yet ambitious: We aim to create safety in traffic. We do this by helping drivers communicate with each other through the sharing of traffic data. The concept of safety encompasses a broad scope in this context:

  • Safety in reaching your destination securely. Avoiding accidents.
  • Safety in arriving on time. Avoiding unnecessary time in traffic.
  • Safety regarding your finances. Avoiding fines.

For our mission to succeed, it is essential to have a strong community. Therefore, our vision is: We want to be the preferred traffic community. By having a strong community, we can ensure the best conditions for increased safety in traffic.

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