Saphe Drive Pro traffic alarm w. 12 months Saphe Premium

Package includes 12 months paid Saphe Premium subscription. 
  • -Get alerts for all types of speed checks and road accidents. 
  • -Real-time updates from millions of drivers in the Saphe community.  
  • -Contribute by reporting incidents with a single touch. 
  • -Stay updated on speed limits and be warned if you're speeding. 
  • -Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatible. 
  • -Starts automatically and is easy to use.
  • -Shows speed limits on all major UK roads and motorways
  • -Warns when speeding
Saphe Drive Pro requires a subscription contract for Saphe Premium of £2.99 monthly or £29.99 annually. Saphe Premium allows you to use Saphe as a sat nav coupled with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. At the same time, your subscription ensures that you continue to receive the latest updates and features.
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Large colour display showing warnings

With Saphe Drive Pro, you are never in doubt about what incidents to look out for in the wider traffic. Whether it’s a mobile speed camera, a vehicle on the hard shoulder, a roadside radar, an accident, or something else entirely, you’ll be prepared. The 1.54-inch display uses clear icons to show you what is coming up during your journey and when. The traffic alarm has a head-up display with continuous indication of the current speed.

Besides showing future warnings and your current speed, the display also shows when the battery needs to be recharged, when the GPS signal is too weak or when the data connection is missing. Don’t worry, if any of these scenarios are present, Saphe Drive Pro will alert you.

Android Auto or Apple CarPlay

Do you have access to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in your vehicle? If so, you can now enjoy Saphe Drive Pro pairing directly with the large display located in the dashboard. High demand for this feature has been present for some time, and now Saphe can offer it via use of the Saphe Link app and Saphe Drive Pro with associated Saphe Premium subscription. In this way, you can make your journey even more comfortable and smooth, as all the information is in one and the same place and is shown directly on the vehicle’s display.

Better overview

The better you have an overview of what’s happening on your way, the safer you can be on the road. There are many good arguments why you should drive with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Firstly, it is possible to combine several functions of the Saphe Link app.

Among other things, the integration allows simultaneous access to speed control when using the route navigation. In this way, you will be warned of both speed controls, hazards further ahead and other traffic-related obstacles. This offers a whole new driving experience, where all information is gathered in one place, so you can focus solely on the road.

Paid Saphe Premium subscription

Before you can use the Saphe Drive Pro traffic alert and get access to all its features, you need to subscribe to Saphe Premium. This is done directly in the Saphe Link app. At the same time, the subscription ensures that you will continue to receive the latest updates and features. The price is £2.99 per month or £29.99 per year and is commitment-free. However, subscriptions that have been started are non-refundable.

Further information


To pair Saphe Drive Pro with your smartphone, you need to download the “Saphe Link” app. The app is compatible with:

-iPhone iOS 14.0 or newer

-Android 6.0 or newer

-Saphe is not compatible with some Google Services Huawei smartphones as well as Windows smartphones.

You only need to install your Saphe device the first time and pair it with your smartphone. After that, the connection will be established automatically if you have activated Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Installation instructions

-For optimal use, Saphe Drive Pro should be mounted within your reach so that you can see the display clearly. This could be on the windscreen or on the dashboard, for example.

-There is an adhesive pad for mounting Saphe Drive Pro.

-Saphe Drive Pro has two mounts for 60 and 80-degree positions.

-If you don’t want the unit to be visible in the car, you can also place it in the glove compartment or center console. No matter where you place Saphe Drive Pro in the car, it will not affect its function.

-If you prefer to place Saphe Drive Pro elsewhere, you can simply peel off the adhesive pad. Clean the surface to remove the adhesive residue.


-Saphe Drive Pro is paired via Bluetooth.

-Bluetooth can be used to pair multiple devices, but you can only be connected to one device at a time.

-Saphe Drive Pro also works when you listen to music on your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Multiple cars, multiple users

-Saphe Drive Pro can be paired with multiple smartphones at the same time, but can only be used by one user at a time.

-One smartphone can be connected to multiple Saphe devices (only one device in each car).

Operation and alarms

-Saphe Drive Pro can be operated without distracting from traffic.

-Saphe Drive Pro has two buttons for reporting speed traps and accidents/hazards.

-The built-in speaker emits a clear beep.

-The speaker works independently of the smartphone’s sound settings.

-Saphe Drive Pro only works together with the smartphone.
You are informed of all alarm types at all times on the LED color display.

– Size: 69.2 x 42 x 20,3 mm

– Weight: 64 g

– Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ionCharge: approx. 6-7 times a year.

– Package contents: Saphe Drive Pro, Saphe Drive adhesive pads, two holders.

– Note: The charging cable is not included.

– Saphe is not compatible with some Google Services Huawei smartphones and Windows smartphones.