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Avoid speeding fines and accidents

Saphe One+ traffic alarm is the revolution you have been waiting for.

  • Avoid fines and accidents

    Warns you of all speed cameras and accidents.

  • Join the traffic community

    Traffic data from +8,000,000 motorists in Europe. No subscription fee.

  • Starts up automatically

    Connect the app once. Then just Drive.

  • All types of traffic camera

    Only traffic alarm with speed cameras, average speed camera and traffic light camera.

  • Works throughout Europe

    +85,000 speed cameras in 87 countries.

  • Perfectly legal

    Operated without removing focus from traffic.

Over 800,000 users driving with a Saphe traffic alarm

Saphe is the preferred traffic alarm in Denmark. The large community gives us the best coverage and the fastest reporting of speed controls and other alarm types. With a traffic alarm from Saphe, you become part of a European traffic network with data from over 8 million motorists.

The large community ensures reliable traffic data and provides alarms you can trust. Together we can increase road safety.

Saphe Link app

The Saphe Link app allows you to tailor your Saphe traffic alert to your exact needs. You can turn alarm types on and off and customize sound settings. Saphe thus provides you with the most reliable alarms – at just the right time.

The app enables fast and efficient communication between users – communication that makes a difference and helps to reduce the number of traffic accidents.

Saphe Link is free to use and does not require a subscription. Download Saphe Link in App Store or Google Play.

Easy installation and usage

After you’ve downloaded the Saphe Link app, all you have to do is pair your traffic alarm with your smartphone once and then everything runs automatically – if Bluetooth is turned on on your phone.

Easily mount your Saphe traffic alarm in your vehicle within sight and reach with the corresponding mounting kit and you’re ready to go.

The traffic alarm works throughout Europe for 30 days. Once this period is over, it is necessary to return to the country where the purchase was made so that it can work again throughout Europe.

Tips for setting up your traffic alarm

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The only traffic alarm with all types of speed cameras

Saphe is the only traffic alarm in Denmark that supports all types of traffic cameras. In addition to alarms on fixed and mobile speed cameras, you get an alarm when approching  a traffic light camera or a zone with average speed cameras.

Overview: 8 alarm types that increases road safety

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