Saphe Abroad

Planning a road trip through Europe?

With Saphe Drive Pro you’re covered in all European countries, making it easy to stay focused and safe on unfamiliar roads.

You’ll receive notifications for over 67,000 fixed speed cameras as well as the current speed limits. Saphe will also warn you if you’re driving too fast.

However, there are a few countries with specific regulations regarding the use of speed camera / traffic alarms that you should be aware of. We, therefore, recommend that you check the specific rules for the countries you are travelling through, along with your final destination, so you can enjoy a worry-free journey.
Saphe Abroad

Saphe Abroad

Saphe Abroad

In these countries, you need to be extra careful:


In Germany, it is illegal for the driver of a car to use equipment that warns about speed cameras. However, it is not illegal to own such equipment, which is why Saphe products are sold in Germany. You can drive legally with Saphe as long as the speed camera warning function is deactivated. We have no experience of fines being issued and therefore do not expect any problems when using Saphe in Germany.



In Switzerland, it is strictly forbidden to use equipment that warns about speed cameras. Violations can result in significant fines, which you naturally want to avoid. Therefore, it's recommended that you turn off the Saphe device while driving in Switzerland. To be completely sure of complying with the rules, you should also remove the device so that it's not visible.



In France, devices are only allowed to warn about speed cameras if companies like ours follow specific rules and have their products approved. Unfortunately, Saphe is not approved in France and does not meet their requirements. We are not aware of fines being issued for using equipment like Saphe in France, but it's best to be cautious and avoid using the device there.


Turkey, Cyprus, and Macedonia

In Turkey, Cyprus, and Macedonia, it's illegal to warn about speed cameras. Unfortunately, we have no information about the size of fines or the extent to which the law is enforced in these countries. It is essential to be aware of this and follow the local laws and regulations during your travels.

Always stay updated on the applicable rules for the countries you visit during your road trip. It can save you from fines and issues along the way. Drive safely and respect the local traffic rules to ensure a pleasant and trouble-free journey in Europe.


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