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Together we can improve traffic safety

Mission & vision

Our mission is simple but ambitious: We want to improve traffic safety. We can do this by helping drivers communicate with each other by sharing traffic data. In this context, safety is a broad term:

  • Safety in relation to arriving safely. Avoiding accidents.

  • Safety in relation to arriving on time. Avoiding unnecessary time spent in traffic.

  • Safety as financial peace of mind. Avoiding fines.

In order for our mission to succeed, it is essential that we have a strong community. Therefore, our vision is this: We want to be the preferred traffic community. By building a strong community, we can ensure the best conditions for greater traffic safety.

We bring motorists together in one large community
Data from motorists

Traffic partners

With a Saphe traffic alarm you become not only part of a Danish community, but a community that goes beyond national borders. Thanks to our European partners, our traffic alarms have data from over 8,000,000 European motorists.

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