A Saphe traffic alarm is
the Christmas gift of the year

Find out why below

Saphe Drive Mini accident

The perfect gift for the person, who already has everything

Do you also have that one person in your family or circle of friends who apparently is perfectly happy? That same person, who gives the same answer every Christmas, birthday, or any other occasion when you ask for a wish-list: “I don’t want anything. I have everything I need”?

Then we have the ultimate rescue tip for you.

By giving your loved ones, a Saphe traffic alarm, you increase their safety in the traffic. Whether it’s speed cameras, hazards, or accidents – our traffic alarm always keeps you up-to-date and enables predictive, safe, and time-saving driving. There isn’t a more precious gift than a gift that makes a meaningful difference.

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The gift that pays back

Did you know that the most common gift for 52% of Brits is giving clothes or shoes for Christmas?  How about giving something more original this year?

Our Saphe traffic alarms are handy little helpers when driving. For many, driving is a daily routine, and you can sometimes lose your focus while driving, especially on well-known routes. It can easily happen that speed limits are exceeded, which can result in a fine or, in the worst case, an accident. With a Saphe traffic alarm, you get “an extra pair of eyes” that keeps you well informed in the traffic about speed controls, danger spots, speed cameras, and other hazards. By avoiding unpleasant surprises and, above all, expensive fines, investing in a Saphe traffic alarm can be an economical win for you and your family.

Saphe Drive Mini traffic alarm
Saphe One+ traffic alarm

The gift that keeps giving

Some say Christmas lasts until Easter – we say Christmas lasts all year. A Saphe traffic alarm guides you safely through traffic all year round.

Saphe is part of one of the largest traffic communities in Europe and generates traffic data from millions of drivers. By using data from leading traffic apps, the Saphe device not only works in the UK but throughout Europe and in 97 countries with data from more than 1.000.000 speed cameras.

Stay safe in traffic with Saphe.

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The gift that doesn’t get exchanged

At Christmas, more than 4 million Brits receive unwanted gifts. That’s potentially a lot of returns. This is where Saphe enters the building and delivers a fresh opportunity, to give a gift that’s a keeper.

A Saphe traffic alarm is an ideal gift for all motorists both men and women, that make no compromises when it comes to quality and safety.

Which of our devices is right for you?

The Saphe One+ traffic alarm is suitable for drivers who want an easier and smoother drive in daily life and don’t wish to experience any unpleasant surprises. Saphe One + starts automatically with every journey and warns of speed cameras, speed controls, and hazards with a light and sound signal.

The Saphe Drive Mini traffic alarm is the right choice for drivers who want a higher level of safety on the roads and in traffic. The device comes with many features which include a LED display that uses symbols to indicate what the warning is about and much more. Furthermore, it also illustrates the distance to the danger zone and the allowed speed limit. It comes with a rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to trouble to change it. The Saphe Drive Mini starts automatically with every trip.