Saphe One+ traffic alarm

The Saphe One+ traffic alarm covers all types of speed cameras, from fixed and stationary speed cameras to red light cameras and Section Control - the Saphe One+ got your back. We've made it possible to update the traffic alarm, which ensures that improvements and functions constantly can be integrated.
  •  -Personalize alarm settings and sound.
  • - Works across Europe
  • - Avoids speeding fines, warns of all traffic cameras
  • - Starts automatically
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Easy installation

The Saphe One+ traffic alarm gives you benefits that other apps cannot offer using clear alarms and simple operation, regardless of the settings on your phone, and then it is completely legal to use.

The automatic start-up when you drive away and the low power consumption helps to ensure you a good experience. The Saphe One + traffic alarm can be paired with several smartphones and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Pressing Saphe One+
Saphe One+
Saphe One+ in vent
Saphe One+ in car
Saphe Link


To pair the Saphe One+ traffic alarm with your smartphone, you need to download the “Saphe Link” app. The app is compatible with:

-iPhone iOS 14.0 or later

-Android 6.0 or later

-Saphe is not compatible with Huawei smartphones without Google services

– Saphe is not compatible with Windows smartphones.

You only need to install your Saphe device one time and connect it with your smartphone. After that, the connection will be established automatically if you have activated Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Size: 64 x 36 x 15 mm
Weight: 24g
Battery: Replaceable battery lasts around two years
Package contents: Saphe One +, Saphe One adhesive pad, CR2450 battery