Saphe One+ traffic alarm

The Saphe One+ traffic alarm covers all types of speed cameras, from fixed and stationary speed cameras to red light cameras and Section Control - the Saphe One+ got your back. We've made it possible to update the traffic alarm, which ensures that improvements and functions constantly can be integrated.
  •  -Personalize alarm settings and sound.
  • - Works across Europe
  • - Avoids speeding fines, warns of all traffic cameras
  • - Starts automatically
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A great portable device, accurate, and no subscription costs. Would highly recommend it to others, the more people use these types of devices the better the alerts for congestion and hazards will be too.

For the price, with no monthly or annual subscription costs, this is a really worthwhile piece of kit for any driver with a smartphone.


Got this device after I notched up a speeding ticket. I can’t understand how there are any negative reviews as I got it up and working in a couple of minutes after it was delivered. It beeps whenever there are cameras around in plenty of time to slow down. It works fine and it stops me from getting a tot-up ban, worth every penny.


“Well to say I’m really pleased with this device is an understatement. I was nearly put off by some of the negative reviews but I’m glad I went ahead and purchased it as it’s so easy to use just download the app set it to your phone and that’s it as long as you have your phone with you in the car it works you can even set different alarm sounds for different types of cameras and there is no service fee”


“Nice and compact. Very easy to use. My car comes with a built-in sat-nav but no camera or traffic alerts so wanted something small and no subscription. Works like a dream and any camera it doesn’t detect, just press a button so it goes on the database.”


“Despite some bad reviews of this device I still decided to purchase one.
So far very pleased that it has picked up every fixed-speed camera.
It was very easy to set up and is a really small neat unit that could go anywhere in the front of the car. I have mine mounted on the windscreen. I would recommend this unit.”


“Warns you in advance via audio alarm & map app location that you are approaching speed cameras. Very good.”


“Great little device. Just switched it on and left it in the car. It connects as soon as I get in. Perfect.”


“Really impressed despite reading some bad reviews. Saves using my phone or a sat nav. The app is really easy to use and had no issues with the product itself.”


“Good value for the money it tells me where cameras are, the more people that get one the more it will be updated”


Great product, don’t know why some negative reviews, but it’s been fantastic it’s working very well picking up all the cameras I have come across.


“To start with I was skeptical given some negative reviews I had read. But so far I have to say bearing in mind only been using it for a few days but a fantastic piece of kit, very compact and discreet, super easy to set up via the app, and just does what it says, BRILLIANT!”


Easy installation

The Saphe One+ traffic alarm gives you benefits that other apps cannot offer using clear alarms and simple operation, regardless of the settings on your phone, and then it is completely legal to use.

The automatic start-up when you drive away and the low power consumption helps to ensure you a good experience. The Saphe One + traffic alarm can be paired with several smartphones and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Pressing Saphe One+
Saphe One+
Saphe One+ in vent
Saphe One+ in car
Saphe Link

Saphe One+ traffic alarm


With our Saphe One+ traffic alarm you receive clear warnings of speed cameras and accidents ahead. It’s perfectly legal to use and a great alternative to an app on your phone. Once connected to your phone our traffic alarm automatically starts once you start driving. As easy as it gets.

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To pair the Saphe One+ traffic alarm with your smartphone, you need to download the “Saphe Link” app. The app is compatible with:

-iPhone iOS 14.0 or later

-Android 6.0 or later

-Saphe is not compatible with Huawei smartphones without Google services

– Saphe is not compatible with Windows smartphones.

You only need to install your Saphe device one time and connect it with your smartphone. After that, the connection will be established automatically if you have activated Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Size: 64 x 36 x 15 mm
Weight: 24g
Battery: Replaceable battery lasts around two years
Package contents: Saphe One +, Saphe One adhesive pad, CR2450 battery