Saphe Drive Mini traffic alarm

The Saphe Drive Mini traffic alarm stands out from the crowd with its razor-sharp color screen. The screen informs you about speed controls or any impending dangers. The traffic alarm not only helps you avoid speeding fines but also increases your safety, as it warns of cars on the hard shoulder and other dangers on the road.
  • - A color display that warns when it matters the most
  • - Works across Europe, with traffic data from millions of motorists in Europe
  • - Avoid speeding fines - warns of all types of traffic cameras
  • - Starts automatically
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Learn more about the unique features

With its intuitive and high-quality design, the Saphe Drive Mini outperforms all other traffic warning systems on the market. Our traffic alarm has more to offer than just a beautiful exterior that fits any car. It has numerous integrated functions that make your everyday life in the car much safer, easier, and smoother.

Like all of our traffic alarms, the Saphe Drive Mini starts automatically, covers all types of speed cameras, and works worldwide thanks to our massive database of over 100,000 speed cameras.

Saphe Drive Mini accident
Looking at a Saphe Drive Mini
Saphe Drive Mini in windshell
Saphe Drive Mini in car
Saphe Drive Mini

Color screen with alarm symbol display

The Saphe Drive Mini traffic alarm has a razor-sharp color screen that uses simple icons to show what you’re being warned of. A color screen gives you the advantage of giving a clear indication of the distance to whatever event you’re being warned about. Regardless of whether it is a warning of a speed camera, a car in the hard shoulder, an accident or something else – the screen only shows the alarm symbols when necessary and switches them off again when the danger has passed it. That way, you won’t get too distracted.

Putting Saphe Drive Mini in bag

Covers all types of speed cameras

Saphe is one of the market leaders within traffic warning systems in Europe. We are also the only system that supports all types of speed cameras. A Saphe Drive Mini traffic alarm will warn you of fixed and mobile speed cameras; traffic light cameras, average speed cameras (SPECS), and more. Our traffic alarms also help to draw your attention to your driving speed and your surroundings. All of this and much more help ensure that our traffic alarms are market leaders.

Further information

To pair the Saphe Drive Mini traffic alarm with your smartphone, you need to download the “Saphe Link” app. The app is compatible with:

-iPhone iOS 14.0 or later

-Android 6.0 or later

-Saphe is not compatible with Huawei smartphones without Google services

– Saphe is not compatible with Windows smartphones.

You only need to install your Saphe device one time and connect it with your smartphone. After that, the connection will be established automatically if you have activated Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Size: 59.5 x 36 x 15 mm

Weight: 115 g

Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery

Charging: approx. 3-4 times a year

Package contents: Saphe Drive Mini, Saphe Drive adhesive pads, two mounts.

Note: The charging cable is not enclosed.