Overview: 8 alarm types that increase road safety

A Saphe traffic alarm alerts you when an incident has occurred on the road ahead which you should be aware of. Our aim is to give our users alarms that are exactly right for them – and as few alerts as possible – at exactly the right time.

With the Saphe Link App, you can customize traffic alarms to meet your precise needs. The App allows you to set alarm sounds and durations, as well as turn alarms on and off.

All Saphe traffic alarms emit an audible sound either as an alarm or as a notification sound. Saphe One+ flashes red or blue, depending on the alarm type, while Saphe Drive Mini displays alarm icons on the screen.

The alarm types are described below.


Fixed Speed Camera 

A Saphe traffic alarm sends out an alarm when fixed speed cameras are present. In the UK, there are 3,990 fixed cameras. Our traffic alarms hold data on all 37,000 fixed cameras installed throughout Europe.

The smart alarm function means that you only get an audible alarm if you are driving too fast when you are approaching a speed camera. If you are driving within the speed limit you will just hear a little bleep to draw your attention to the fact that there is a speed camera ahead.


Mobile Speed Camera 

Mobile speed cameras can be cameras installed on stationary vehicles, free-standing tripod cameras or hand-held laser meters. They are often well hidden and sited on stretches of road where there is a need for speed reduction.

No data is available on mobile speed cameras simply because they are mobile. Therefore, Saphe users need to report mobile speed cameras they come across.  To obtain the most precise data, the cameras need to be reported immediately when you are right next to it, as you are passing it.



A Saphe traffic alarm also gives an alarm when there has been an accident if it has been reported. Once one accident has occurred, there is a high risk that there will be follow-up accidents.

Saphe Drive and Saphe One + also have Crash Detect built-in, which automatically sends accident alerts rapidly to the nearest Saphe users in the event of you having an accident yourself. This reduces the risk of follow-up accidents.


Danger on Road 

This alarm is used when there are objects on the road that may result in hazardous situations. Such objects can include fallen goods from lorries, tire remnants, a fallen tree, and large animals etc. This alarm must be reported by users.


Car on Shoulder 

An alarm indicates there is a car in the hard shoulder. Driving in the hard shoulder entails a major risk. It is recommended that you move away from the car, preferably over to the side of the traffic barrier. Up to 16% of all fatalities on motorways are caused by people driving in the hard shoulder. This alarm must be reported by users.


Average Speed Camera

In the UK, there are over 1,800 motorways average speed controls. On European roads, there are over 6,000 motorways' average speed controls. Saphe traffic alarms hold all the data on all European motorway stretches with average readings.

Saphe Drive shows the average speed when you drive into the stretch control.


Red Light Camera 

In the UK, there are over 1000 red light cameras. Around 800 of these traffic light cameras register motorists driving through red lights, while the remaining 200 also measure whether they are driving too fast.


School Road

When you approach a school road you will be alarmed with a small "bip". This alarm serves the purpose of making you aware, that children could be on the road and you should pay extra attention to the road. On school roads, the speed limit is often lower than in other urban zones.

This alarm is only accessible in selected countries.


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