Saphe one+ traffic alarm

Avoid speeding fines and accidents

Saphe One+ traffic alarm is the revolution you have been waiting for.

Discover Saphe One+

  • Saphe traffic community

    Join the traffic community

    Traffic data from +11,000,000 motorists in Europe

  • Saphe avoid accidents

    Avoid fines and accidents

    Warns you of all speed cameras and accidents

  • Saphe increase road safety

    Increase road safety

    Warns you of hazards and dangers ahead

  • Saphe easy installation and usage

    Easy installation and usage

    No cables needed. Contains long-lasting replaceable battery.

  • Saphe works throughtout europe

    Works throughout Europe

    +100,000 speed cameras in 97 countries.

  • Saphe starts automatically

    Starts up automatically

    Connect the app once. Then just Drive.

Saphe One+ and Saphe Link app

Introducing Saphe One+

Saphe One+ traffic alarm not only helps you to avoid speeding fines, but also increases traffic safety and helps you reduce the time you spend in traffic.

Saphe One+ gives clear alarms and have simple operation, regardless of the settings on your phone, and then it’s perfectly legal to use. The automatic start-up when you drive helps ensure a good experience.

The two buttons on the Saphe One+ device make it much easier to use than the touch screen on a smartphone. In that way you can concentrate on driving.

Alarm types: Fixed speed camera*, Mobile speed camera, Accident, Danger on road, Average speed camera*, Red light camera*, Car on shoulder and spot check.

*Data through third party. The other alarm types rely on user-generated data.

Saphe One+ Verkehrsalarm

Saphe One+

49.99 GBP

Buy now at Halfords or Amazon

You will become part of one of the largest European traffic community consisting of 900.000 users, who share traffic data very quickly and efficiently. Together we will help each other in saving lives, time and money.

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Saphe One+ Verkehrsalarm

Saphe One+ is better than any traffic app

Unlike popular traffic apps, you don’t need to start the Saphe Link app, when you start the car. If Bluetooth is turned on on your smartphone, the Saphe One+ will start automatically. You don’t have to remember anything – just drive.

The simple red and blue buttons on the Saphe One+ makes it easy to report an accident or a mobile speed camera. Much easier than using your smartphone. When reporting incidents on the road, you actively helps other motorists and also contributes to the Saphe traffic community.

After purchasing the products, it is absolutely free to use and you don’t have to worry about any monthly subscription fee.

Saphe Air Vent Mount

Saphe Air Vent Mount

9.00 GBP

Buy now on Amazon

The Saphe Air Vent Mount is a magnetic holder for the Saphe One+ speed camera detector or your smartphone. The Air Vent Holder consists of a very powerful magnet, which keeps your device securely in place during bumpy rides. Mount your Saphe One+ traffic alarm or smartphone easily in the car’s ventilation. The Air Vent holder is compatible with many different car brands with horizontal vents.

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Easy installation and usage

After you’ve downloaded the Saphe Link app, all you have to do is pair your new Saphe One+ with your smartphone once and then everything runs automatically – if Bluetooth is turned on on your phone.

Easily mount your Saphe One+ in your vehicle within sight and reach with the corresponding mounting kit and you’re ready to go.

Saphe One+ works throughout Europe for 30 days. Once this period is over, it is necessary to return to the country where the purchase was made so that it can work again throughout Europe.

One of the largest traffic communities - now in the UK

Saphe Link app

The Saphe Link app allows you to tailor your Saphe traffic alert to your exact needs. You can turn alarm types on and off and customize sound settings. Saphe thus provides you with the most reliable alarms – at just the right time.

The app enables fast and efficient communication between users – communication that makes a difference and helps to reduce the number of traffic accidents.

Saphe Link is free to use and does not require a subscription. Download Saphe Link in App Store or Google Play.

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