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Terms and conditions for using Saphe and Saphe Link

Our terms and conditions for using Saphe and Saphe Link were last updated on March 1st, 2020.


The company Saphe A/S, which has developed the traffic alarm Saphe and the associated app, Saphe Link, disclaims any liability in connection with traffic safety and any speeding fines. Saphe cannot be held responsible if you receive a speeding fine while using Saphe Link.


Here are some possible reasons for missing alarms:

You are the first driver to pass an event (speed camera, accident, etc.)

You are on the phone and have no data connection

You are in an area with poor GPS reception: Eg. forest, tall buildings, tunnel or telephone in your pocket

Error reporting from other users


Use of service

As a user, you agree that reported speed control data belong to the Service provider.

You can only use the Service for private and personal purposes. You must not use the Service commercially. For example, you cannot: offer a third party a separate service that uses the Service; resell the Service; offer to rent or lease the Service or offer the Service to the public through communication or integrate it into a separate service without the prior written consent of Saphe A/S. The above mentioned guidelines serve as an example and do not constitute a complete list of restrictions for using the Service.

You must not copy, print, save or otherwise use data from the Website or Service database. This provision does not limit the intended use of the database in relation to your private and personal use of the Service.

When using the Service or Website, you should not be engaged in “scraping”, data extraction, data harvesting, “screen scraping”, data aggregation, and indexing. You agree that you will not use any robot, spider, “scraper” or other automated means to access the Site or the Service Database without the explicit prior written permission of Saphe A/S.