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Support update

Most relevant topics for Saphe support right now. Read them before contacting us. Updated: 10-07-2020 14:48

Samsung users may experience problems. The app does not work when  the screen is off. After updating Samsung, the app now needs permission to use location and Bluetooth in the background: Saphe doesn’t work when screen is off on a Samsung phone – Allow the app to use location and Bluetooth in the background.

No alarms via the car’s infotainment system or your phone? Your Saphe will still give alarms. If the phone is connected to the car’s system, alarms are played here instead of on the phone, however, this can currently only be done if the car’s system plays music or a call from the mobile phone and not when the radio is heard on the system. We are working on a solution.

Having trouble connecting to your Saphe? This article might help: I can’t connect to my Saphe

Android users may not be able to get a siren sound on their phone at this time, but their Saphe still gives alarms as usual, and they may set other sounds on the phone as alarms. This is something we are working on to get implemented as soon as possible

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