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Most relevant topics for Saphe support right now. Read them before contacting us. Updated: 04-01-2020 14.59

The app must be opened on the iPhone. This issue has finally been resolved, so if you have not received an update of the Saphe Link app since Friday last week, then reinstall the app, then the issue should be resolved.

Saphe Drive displays an icon with a hand holding a phone. This means that there is a firmware update for your Saphe Drive, and you need to open the app on your phone to update your Saphe Drive. Icon of a hand with a phone appears on the screen

When you get an alarm, the car radio stops playing? This only happens for iPhone users, and is not really an error, but happens because the app can now play alarms via the car’s system. We have created a guide that shows how to adjust the settings in the app so that alarms do not stop the radio: Change the Bluetooth channel for alarms

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