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Saphe One+

The original Saphe speed camera detector has got an ambitious big brother. Saphe One+ gives you all the best features from the original Saphe speed camera detector. Become a part of a huge network with over 800,000 users, get coverage abroad, and a device that starts automatically by Bluetooth and much more. With the Saphe One+ speed camera detector, it is possible to update your device, where we continuously add new functions to the speed camera detector. To use your Saphe One+ speed camera detector, it requires the Saphe Link app, where you can tailor your speed camera detector to your needs and turn alarm types on and off, customize sound settings, and much more.
  • - "Crash Detect" alerts other users when you are involved in your own accident
  • - Updated regularly with new features
  • - Personal alarm and sound settings
  • - Covers all types of speed cameras
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Why Saphe One+ speed camera detector

Saphe One+ covers all types of speed cameras, average speed checks, and traffic light cameras. Your Saphe One+ speed camera detector has the opportunity to be updated, which means that new functions for your device can be rolled out on an ongoing basis. You can also edit your alarms and sound settings, creating a truly personal experience. The Saphe One+ speed camera detector offers the function “Crash Detect”, which is an alarm that is automatically created and immediately sent to other users in the event of their own accident.

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Saphe One+ Verkehrsalarm
Saphe One+ traffic alarm
Saphe One+ traffic alarm on tray

Become a part of a large traffic community

With a Saphe One+ speed camera detector you become part of a large traffic community with over 900,000 users. The large community gives you great coverage and enables quick and efficient communication between road users – communication that can make a world of difference and help reduce the number of traffic accidents.

Covers all types of speed cameras

Saphe is the only speed camera detector that supports all types of speed cameras. In addition to alarms on fixed and mobile speed cameras, you get an alarm when approaching a traffic light camera or entering a zone with average speed cameras. Your Saphe One+ speed camera detector also alerts you about traffic issues as well as accidents in everything from cars in the emergency lane, traffic jams, etc. All alarms that increase your safety and security in the traffic.

Easy installation

The Saphe One+ speed camera detector gives you benefits that other apps cannot offer – clear alarms and simple operation, regardless of the settings on your phone, and then it’s perfectly legal to use. The automatic start-up when you drive and the low power consumption help ensures a good experience. The Saphe One+ speed camera detector can be paired with several smartphones and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

More information

Size: 64 x 36 x 15 mm

Weight: 24 g

Battery: Replaceable battery with approximately two years of battery life

iPhone: IOS 11.0 or newer

Android: 4.3 or newer

Windows Phone: Not supported

Find Saphe One+ manual here.

All you have to do as a user is to pair your new Saphe device with your smartphone the first time you need it, and then everything will automatically run – if Bluetooth is turned on on your phone.

– Saphe One+ connects via Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0+).
– Bluetooth allows for multiple connections at the same time, but only one user at the time.
– Saphe One+ works when you are talking on the phone or listening to music via Bluetooth.

More cars – more users
– Saphe One+ can be paired with multiple phones, but only one user at the time.
– A phone can be paired with multiple Saphe units.

Operation and alarms

– Saphe One+ is operated without removing your focus from the road.
– Saphe One+ has two buttons used to report speed controls and accidents / hazards.
– The built-in speaker gives a clear warning sound when you get an alarm.
– The sound is completely independent of the phone’s audio settings.


– Saphe One+ is supposed to be mounted within eyesight and reach for optimal usage, e.g. on the windshield or on the dashboard.
– Saphe One+ has two adhesive pads for mounting.
– Download our app, Saphe Link, and use it to pair and connect to your Saphe One+ unit.

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