Car interior cleaning: What to remember

Covid19 or not, it is always nice to get into a clean and fragrant car. Car interiors are a major breeding ground for bacteria. In this car interior cleaning guide, we provide tips and tricks for cleaning the interior of your car, leaving it fresh and clean.

Car interior cleaning: What to remember

Car interior cleaning: What to remember

Car interior cleaning: What to remember

Areas to be cleaned

All touchpoints such as door handles, steering wheel, turn signal and wiper switch, gear knob, handbrake, radio, buttons, seat belt, and locking mechanism as well as seat adjustment controls. Of course, your Saphe speed camera detector should also be wiped off. In addition, all surfaces and windows should be cleaned. You can vacuum the seats, car floor mats, removable mats, and luggage compartment before or after you follow the guide below.

What you need when cleaning the interior of your car

  • Rubber gloves
  • A spray bottle with soapy water
  • A sponge, (soft) washing-up brush or brush
  • Microfibre cloths
  • Glass cleaner
  • Bonus: care products for plastic and leather or specific cleaning products for interiors

How to clean surfaces and touchpoints

All interior surfaces and touchpoints must be cleaned. Start with the large surfaces. For extra thorough cleaning, moisten your sponge, washing-up brush or brush with soapy water. Then find a limited area to clean. With light pressure and small circular motions, you foam up the soap mixture with your chosen cleaning tool. Then wipe with a microfibre cloth.

The advantage of foaming up the soap is based on the same principle as when you wash your hands. Bacteria and dirt must be lifted off the surface. In this case, the soap/cleaning product will attract the dirt, which will then be removed when you wipe it with the microfibre cloth.

For easier cleaning, you can apply cleaning products on a microfibre cloth and wipe off the surfaces.

Once the surfaces have been cleaned, use the same approach to all touchpoints. Remember to flip your microfibre cloth or use a new cloth regularly to reduce cross-contamination.

How to clean your windows

To clean your windows, you will need glass cleaner and two to three microfibre cloths.

Spray glass cleaner on a microfibre cloth and apply to the window. Find a limited area and clean in a # pattern (up and down and side to side) with a light touch. Immediately wipe the window with a dry and clean microfibre cloth. If you want your windows to be complete without streaks, you can wipe them with a third cloth.

You should clean the least dirty windows, which are often the rear and side windows, first and end with the front windscreen. Clean the windscreen from the passenger side as it is easier than cleaning it from behind the wheel. Take off your watch so you do not scratch surfaces and windows.

Bonus tips

Always remember to take the labels off your microfibre cloths. The stickers can scratch the surfaces you wipe with the cloth. Use care products for surfaces and touchpoints. By using specific products for each surface, you avoid drying out the surface while prolonging its lifetime. Note that alcohol can damage surfaces in the cabin. These include leather, plastic, touch screens, and textiles.

Always have wet wipes and/or hand sanitizer in your car. It is also a good idea to store microfibre cloths and specific detergents for the type of seats you have in your car. Then you can remove stains when they occur.

NOTE: Always make sure to check what types of soap and care products the cabin and interior of your car can withstand. The above is indicative.

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