3 tips on how to avoid speeding fines

Are you also tired of speeding fines? Most of us have probably received a speeding fine at some point in our lives. A brief moment of inattention and flash – a speeding fine arrives in your mailbox. You could have spent that money on something better. If you break the speed limit at very high speed, you may also face a suspension of your license. In this article, we give you three tips to avoid speeding fines.

3 tips on how to avoid speeding fines

3 tips on how to avoid speeding fines

3 tips on how to avoid speeding fines

Use technology to avoid speeding fines

Over the past years, in-car technology has come a long way. Many cars now come with cruise control or even an adaptive cruise control as standard.

Cruise control not only provides a more relaxing driving experience. It also helps you avoid speeding fines. If you do not use cruise control, you may, consciously or unconsciously, drive too fast.

Set the cruise control to the current speed limit and enjoy the ride. We recommend using cruise control on the motorway and highways. With cruise control, you can focus on the road and traffic, while avoiding a potential speeding fine.

Use a speed camera detector to avoid speeding fines

A Saphe speed camera detector is a tool to avoid speeding fines and increase your safety in traffic. A Saphe speed camera detector is a camera detector for all types of speed control.

Saphe will alert you of fixed speed cameras throughout Europe. Saphe speed camera detector has registered more than 100,000 fixed speed cameras in the world.

You will also be alerted when you approach a mobile speed camera set up by the police. This alert has been reported by the large community you are part of when you have a Saphe speed camera detector.

Once you have purchased and installed your Saphe speed camera detector, you will be alerted of speed cameras ahead so that you can avoid potential speeding fines.

Focus on driving while driving

Inattention is associated with 61% of all road traffic fatalities. Inattention in traffic is also connected to speeding. In fact, a report from the Danish Road Directorate shows that you are inattentive up to 30% of the time you sit in the driver's seat of a car. This applies to both you and me.

Therefore, limit the use of your phone and handling of equipment. Look up, be aware of the traffic around you and keep an eye on your speed.

Buy an air vent mount to avoid getting fined for using your phone handheld. If you need to talk on the phone, have a hands-free solution ready before you leave. You are welcome to use a mounted phone in your car.

If you focus on the traffic situation and your speed, you increase your safety in the traffic and avoid speeding fines.

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