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Our mission is simple – we want to improve traffic safety

Traffic safety is a vital part of our DNA. We strive to make traffic safer. We do this by helping motorists easily communicate with one another through sharing traffic data. The word safety is broad in this respect and includes:


Safety in relation to arriving safely. Avoiding accidents.

Safety in relation to arriving on time. Avoiding unnecessary time in traffic.

Safety in relation to your finances. Avoiding fines.


Saphe users strengthen the traffic community every time they report a car on the hard shoulder, an accident, or danger on a road. As a member of the Saphe traffic community you thereby help yourself by helping others.

Another dimension of safety is safety in relation to arriving on time. We are continuously working on technologies that facilitate minimising the amount of time you spend in traffic. With a Saphe traffic alarm you also gain safety in relation to your finances. We alert you about every type of traffic camera. This includes fixed cameras, red and dual red light cameras and bus lane cameras. We help you to adjust your speed to the speed limit, potentially saving you a speeding fine or two.


In other words. We make it easy for you to comply with traffic rules.


The preferred traffic community

To succeed in our mission, it is essential to have a strong community amongst Saphe users. Because we help one another – more than you might think. Through a strong community we ensure the best conditions for improved traffic safety. That is why our vision is to be the preferred traffic community. About this the CEO and founder of Saphe A/S, Freddy Sørensen, says:

“The traffic community is essential for us to facilitate traffic safety for our users. I am both proud and thankful that more than 800,000 motorists have chosen to be a part of the community – thereby contributing to improve traffic safety.”


Minimising fatalities in traffic

In line with our mission regarding increasing traffic safety, we also focus on minimising the number of road traffic deaths. In relation to this, we have developed a range of alarms that support this goal. The Saphe One+ traffic alarm has two types of alarm – a red and a blue.

The red alarm is aimed at making you aware of danger on roads or other incidents that need your attention. Up to 35 % of all accidents that happen on motorways involve a car on the hard shoulder. 12 % of fatal accidents on motorways involve a car on the hard shoulder. Because of this, the red alarm “car on hard shoulder” is a very important alarm for us to give motorists to avoid accidents – especially on motorways.

The blue alarms are aimed at making you aware of dangerous stretches of road where you need to regulate your speed. Speed is the biggest factor in fatal accidents on roads. In fact, speed is directly linked with four in ten road traffic deaths. Speeding can be the reason for the accident, and speed can contribute to the severity of the accident. Because of this, we alert Saphe users via an alarm when they are driving on dangerous roads which require them to regulate their speed and have traffic cameras.

Saphe One+ is aware of all permanent traffic cameras. On top of this, Saphe users help each other by reporting mobile speed regulation, including laser speed detection and speed camera vans.

To minimise follow-up accidents, we have built Crash Detect into Saphe One+. The alarm is activated in case of a solo accident. Thereby the Saphe traffic alarm alerts other Saphe users about an accident ahead.

Our goal of minimising road traffic deaths is aligned with the UN’s Global Goal Number 3.6, which is to reduce the number of road injuries and road traffic deaths.


Education of Saphe users

We wish to educate our users to become better motorists. To do this, we continuously write articles with a focus on giving advice and general information regarding becoming a more attentive motorist. We have already written “Avoid these pitfalls and become a more attentive motorist” and “Why do so many drives drive a bit too fast on the roads at times?”. You can always find our newest articles on the articles site.

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